Our two-year-old son absolutely LOVES going to the arcade game center here in China, and the costs may surprise you!

Even though my wife and I hit Coast FIRE late last year, we still continue to practice important personal finance habits that helped us hit Coast FIRE in the first place. 🙂

These habits include but are not limited to knowing where our money is coming and going each month and living within a budget. Having this awareness of our money and boundaries on spending helps us stay emotionally and financially happy.

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Arcade game center in China (atmosphere and costs)

Now on to this arcade center in my wife’s city in China. The arcade is located in one of the many large and luxurious malls here (even though it’s a smaller city, the malls are still so big and fancy haha).

There are many types of arcade games from water guns to racing cars. The atmosphere is very lively and upbeat for the whole family.

The most awesome part is the cost. I should add that my wife and I are always looking for the best deals when buying practically anything. Those small savings can really add up over time and allow us to invest more in our future.

Recently there was a holiday flash sale that we found where we could get a total of 1,000 arcade coins for the low cost of $60 USD. We plan to use those coins for the ENTIRE YEAR since we don’t use a ton of coins per visit and each game ranges from 1-5 coins each round.

We don’t want our kids to be around those bright screens all day (call us traditional and conservative), so we usually go to the game center when it’s rainy so we have somewhere nice inside to play. It rains a lot in this city we’re in, haha. It’s nice to have this fun option in case of bad weather.

Semi-retiring and moving abroad as a family

When we first started our FIRE journey, we saw many YouTubers that had retired abroad due to a lower cost of living. We saw others that work from home or own their own businesses allowing them to make US dollars and then making those dollars have more buying power by using them in a country with a lower cost of living.

Since we moved to China, we have experienced firsthand the benefits we saw others experience by retiring abroad. The feeling of spending fewer dollars but seeing it buy more is quite amazing! It allows us to enjoy more things, such as buying 1,000 coins at an arcade center!

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