About The Biesingers


Welcome to our Biesinger FIRE Journey! 

We are Jordan and Shan! Both of us are passionate about taking control of our finances and making wise money decisions to help us achieve FIRE. I am from Utah and my wife is from China. We have one boy and one girl and one cute dog.

Our blog posts cover essential tips and experiences related to personal finance and investing.

We think the reason you are here is that you need some encouragement and/or advice with your money and finding financial peace.

Trust us, you came to the right place!

We bought our first real estate property at age 21 and became first-time landlords at age 22 as college students. We also work hard to help me graduate completely student loan debt-free with my MBA at Washington State University with one kid.

Even though we haven’t achieved FIRE quite yet, we have have many insights. Some of our experiences include getting out of debt FAST, investing in real estate and tax advantage accounts, and much MORE!

We hope our journey will provide readers with encouragement and ideas on how to achieve FIRE, better handle money, and find financial freedom.

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy our content!

Our Love Story

After returning from my LDS mission in Taiwan I started my first semester of my bachelor’s degree. I learned Mandarin Chinese during my two years of LDS mission in Taiwan and continued my studies at college. I am especially grateful for my two-year missionary experience; without this experience, I might have not married such a wonderful woman!

We were both at Utah Valley University. My major is international business with a minor in Chinese. Shan was also studying international business with a minor in music.

Both of us were in the school orchestra. After class was over one day I summoned up the courage to go talk to Shan and used my Chinese homework as an excuse to hang out. 🙂

After that, we started dating and getting to know each other very well. We wanted to spend our whole lives together forever as best (lover) friends. This became crystal clear when I transferred to BYU-H for a semester but was away from Shan. After the second time she came to visit me we decided I would transfer back to Utah and I could be with the girl of my dreams.

Our FIRE Story!

After getting married, although we were both college students we started to invest in real estate.

One day we found out about Dave Ramsey and realized how important it is to pay off debt, save an emergency fund, invest in a tax-advantaged account, and kids’ education fund, etc.

BTW we are not fully following Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.. but he did change our life and we are really grateful!

After the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, we both had the chance to work from home.

Being able to work remotely has benefited us in many ways. It has given us an amazing work-life balance and made our life happier and more enjoyable.

Both of us are becoming more and more aware of the importance of FIRE and have found immense peace by pursuing financial freedom. We want to spend more time with each other, watching our children grow up, and we want to travel around the world together.

We realize it is time to change and we started to think about what we can do to change.

Starting a business is not easy, you must find what you like and are interested in, and you have experience in it.

So here we are! We started our blog which is mainly focused on personal finance.