Do you get a sense of dread on Sunday evenings? That’s the infamous “Sunday Scaries” – the anxiety and stress that many people feel at the end of the weekend.

These feelings can be caused by several factors, from the anticipation of the workweek ahead to feelings of loneliness or boredom. If you’re struggling with the Sunday Scaries, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll discuss what causes the Sunday Scaries and offer tips on getting rid of them.

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Person biting nails since they are nervous and have the sunday scaries

What Are the Sunday Scaries?

The Sunday Scaries are the anxious or stressed feelings many people experience at the end of the weekend. The Sunday Scaries can affect anyone, but they’re prevalent among people who have anxiety disorders or are prone to stress.

During the weekend, most work-related troubles are out of our minds. We can relax, sleep in, and enjoy our free time. But as Sunday evening approaches, we start to worry about the work week ahead.

For some people, the Sunday Scaries are simply a case of the “end-of-weekend blues.” But for others, they’re a more serious problem that can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

This negative problem is a serious one that needs to be addressed. Statistic researchers have identified Monday mornings as the most common time for heart attack occurrences. The Sunday Scaries may be attributed to this devastating finding.

Let’s investigate the causes and potential solutions for this terrible affliction.

Causes of the Sunday Scaries

Several factors can contribute to the Sunday Scaries. For some people, it’s simply the anticipation of returning to work on Monday morning.

This can be especially stressful if you’re facing a particularly challenging project. The fear of losing your job due to a lack of performance can significantly impact your mental health.

Other people may feel lonely or bored on Sunday evenings, especially if they don’t have any plans for the week ahead.

This can be compounded by feelings of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) – the fear that others are having fun while you’re stuck at work.

Sometimes, the Sunday Scaries may be caused by a more general anxiety. This can be due to stress from work, family, or other areas of life. The Sunday Scaries may be a symptom of your larger problem if you’re struggling with anxiety.

Social anxiety can also be a cause of the Sunday Scaries. Worrying about seeing people you know, going to work, or being in public can lead to a sense of dread on Sunday evenings. This can be common among introverts.

Another cause of Sunday Scaries is seeing or working with people you don’t like. For example, if you have a difficult boss or coworker, the thought of seeing them on Monday morning may be enough to cause anxiety.

Dangerous jobs can also lead to Sunday Scaries. If you work in a high-stress environment, such as a hospital or police station, returning to work may be stressful. This is especially true if you work in a high-crime location or an environment where small decisions can have devastating effects.

It can also be caused by going to a job you are not passionate about. The fear of spending another week doing something you don’t enjoy can be overwhelming.

Some may find this especially true who have been working the same unfilling job for decades. It can be scary to know that your potential may be wasted on a job that will never lead to anything more.

Finally, the Sunday Scaries may be caused by a lack of sleep. If you don’t get enough rest over the weekend, you may feel tired and stressed as Sunday evening approaches. So a lack of sleep can make it difficult to relax and enjoy your free time.

How to Get Rid of the Sunday Scaries

As you can see, many potential causes of the Sunday Scaries. But there are also several ways to cope with this problem.

Here are ten tips that may help:

1) Organize Your Life

One of the best ways to cope with the Sunday Scaries is to get organized. This means taking some time on Sunday evening to plan for the week ahead.

Make a to-do list of everything you need and when you plan to do it. Doing this may help you feel more prepared and less stressed as Monday morning approaches.

2) Exercise and be Active

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. It can also help you get a good night’s sleep, which can be helpful if you’re struggling with fatigue.

If possible, try to exercise for at least 30 minutes on Sunday afternoons. Some benefits you may feel include entering a calmer and more relaxed state as the week begins.

Even going on a walk or spending time moving your body can help you calm down and reduce anxiety.

3) Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spending time with loved ones is a great way to cope with loneliness or anxiety.

Whether you have dinner with your family or go for a walk with your partner, connecting with those you care about can make a big difference.

4) Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that can make anxiety worse. If you’re struggling with the Sunday Scaries, try to avoid caffeine in the evening.

Avoiding caffeine could help you relax and may improve your sleep quality.

5) Do Something Relaxing

Take some time on Sunday evening to do something that you enjoy. This could be reading, watching a movie, or taking a bath. Doing something relaxing can help ease stress and anxiety.

6) Go to Bed Early

If you’re struggling with fatigue, one of the best things you can do is go to bed early. This will help you get the rest you need and may improve your mood on Monday morning.

If you are prone to Sunday Scaries, you will likely need more time to fall asleep.

Going to bed early gives you a chance to get a full night’s rest.

7) Talk to Someone

Talking to someone can be helpful when feeling overwhelmed or having a hard time unwinding.

This could be a friend, family member, therapist, or hotline.

Talking about your feelings can help reduce stress and make the week ahead seem more manageable.

8) Take a Day Off

If going to work on Monday is too much to handle, try taking a day off. This may not be possible for everyone, but it can be a great way to reduce stress if you’re able.

For example, if you are a freelancer, working from home on Mondays may be possible. Or, if you have vacation days, you could take a long weekend. This can help you recharge and start the week off on a more positive note.

Even if you aren’t a freelancer, it can be helpful to focus on pursuing a career where you can work from home one or two days a week. This way, you can have a day to relax and recharge without having to take a whole week off.

Starting an online business, Youtube channel, blog or podcast are all examples of ways you can make money from home. You will also be pursuing your passions which can help create excitement for the workweek rather than dread.

9) Develop Confidence

Fear of failure can cause the Sunday Scaries. You can learn to cope with this fear by developing confidence in yourself.

One way to do this is by setting small goals for yourself and then celebrating when you accomplish them. A simple example is taking a new class or trying a new recipe.

By accomplishing small goals, you’ll feel more capable and confident. It will help you approach the week ahead with a more positive attitude.

10) Become Financially Free

The root cause of most people’s Sunday fear is that they must go to a job they hate to make money.

If you want to eliminate the Sunday Scaries truly, become financially free. Having enough passive income to cover your living expenses will give you a sense of freedom.

There are many ways to become financially free. You can start a side hustle, invest in real estate, or the stock market. Or, you can save money and live a frugal lifestyle.

The best way to become financially free is to start early and invest consistently. By doing this, you’ll gradually build up your passive income and eventually reach a point where you no longer have to work.

This may seem difficult, but it’s possible with dedication and hard work. If you want to achieve financial freedom, start by setting a goal and creating a plan. Then, take action and don’t give up until you reach your goal.

All in All

No matter your situation, there are ways to cope with the Sunday Scaries. The Sunday Scaries are a common problem that many people face.

Using the tips above, you can learn to cope with them and reduce stress. Feel free to bookmark this article later and review it if you feel the Sunday Scaries.


We hope the information in this article provides valuable insights to every reader but we, the Biesingers, are not financial advisors. When making your personal finance decisions, research multiple sources and/or receive advice from a licensed professional. As always, we wish you the best in your pursuit of financial independence!


We hope the information in this article provides valuable insights to every reader but we, the Biesingers, are not financial advisors. When making your personal finance decisions, research multiple sources and/or receive advice from a licensed professional. As always, we wish you the best in your pursuit of financial independence!