I’d like to start out my weight-loss story by first sharing my weight-gain story. Then we can dive into the 12 weight loss tips I’ve prepared.

The first tip really shows how I was able to lose weight and make money.

It all began back when I started working at a call center. I sat most of the day and enjoyed unhealthy snacks and soda a bit too much.

Not long after starting my new job I met the girl of my dreams and got married in 2017.

At that point, I was still on the fast weight-gain track and continued to gain lbs ended up with a big ‘dad bod’ weighing a whole 270 lbs!

I had tried so many different weight loss strategies such as a low-carb diet, intense intermittent fasting, a low-calorie diet, etc.

Each method was difficult to maintain and I found myself losing a little weight and then gaining it back super fast.

I tried and failed different workout programs such as Insanity. Consistency was lacking in my life and it became very discouraging.

I’m sure many of you can relate to the ups and downs of trying to lose weight.

In 2020, my incredible Son was born and I realized I had to be in better shape for both my Wife and Kiddo.

I became very serious and signed up for a Triathlon with two of my brothers. I also started a HealthyWage challenge. 

In this article, I want to share how I changed my entire mindset and habits to finally lose some real weight. I’ve learned the importance of starting small and being consistent.

Small and consistent habits will change your life!

Here is a before and after picture (don’t mind the weird bandanna that had fake long hair attached to it) haha.

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This image shows before and after pictures of me losing 35 pounds. I used to weight 270 pounds and at the end of my training I weighed 235 pounds. The after picture is of me completing a sprint triathlon.

The outcome of my weight-loss journey so far has been amazing – I feel much healthier and am now working towards a new goal of getting down to 200 lbs!! 

Now I’d like to share with you 12 weight-loss success tips I learned myself and have used to lose 35 pounds in 6 months! These tips have also helped me maintain better mental health while losing weight.

Tip #1 – Find a way to make yourself accountable (and MOTIVATED). 

When becoming very serious about weight loss I found my WHY, but really dug into my why and kept asking questions until I found my ‘root’ desire for losing weight.

Try searching for your reason or why FIRST and then find a way to keep you accountable.

I loved the idea of doing a Sprint Triathlon to keep me accountable and motivated.

When signing up for the triathlon with my two brothers I was extremely out of shape.

Many doubts about being able to get ready in time hit me but I was able to summon up enough courage to sign up. This action kept me both accountable and motivated to not give up when things got tough.

Second, I had heard about HealthyWage where you can bet money to reach a certain weight in a specific amount of time. Not only could I lose weight, but I could also MAKE MONEY!

I bet $200 for 6 months ($1,200 total) that I could lose 35 pounds in those six months. I would then win $338 in interest for a grand total of $1,538!

Making this big of investment was scary but VERY motivating! Making an investment in your health is more than worth it.

Signing up for HealthyWage is super easy and you can choose how much you want to bet each month – making it customized for your needs and goals.

The app is also very user-friendly and helps show you where you should be at DAILY on your weight. You can also join other challenges to increase your winnings.

To see how you could win money to lose weight and receive $40 extra added to your prize click here – Start your HealthyWager today and get paid for losing weight!

Below is a screenshot of when I reached my weight goal and was able to cash out my winnings! 🙂

I won one thousand, five houndred and thirty eight dollars with my Healthy Wage challenge. I lost 35 pounds and highly reccomend using them to help you feel motivated and accountable.
My Success Using HealthyWage

By signing up for a Sprint Triathlon and HealthyWage I was held accountable and given extra motivation when I felt unmotivated.

Tip #2 – Be aware of calorie consumption, but don’t over-stress it!

Alright, so I probably tried 20 + calorie calculators to make sure I have the EXACT amount of calories needed to lose weight each day.

I quickly found out that calories are not all created equally with some calories keeping you fuller for longer.

I also tried low-calorie (and low carb) diets, both left me hungry most of the time and I kept running out of calories fast! 

Don’t get me wrong, having a calorie deficit is important for weight loss, but don’t over-stress calorie counting.

For example, I have an idea of how many calories I eat each day but I try to focus on consuming the RIGHT and BEST calories for my body such as fruits, veggies, lean meats, etc.

If you’re a busy individual and want a custom meal plan then I highly recommend trying NutriSystem! You can start by taking a survey and then will have balanced and nutritious meals and snacks sent to you!

Right now you can buy a month and get an entire month free! – Click HERE to get started! 🙂

Tip #3 – When things get tough, take a HUGE step back.

Many times during my weight loss journey I would feel down or depressed. Sometimes the cravings felt too hard to resist.

Taking a HUGE step back and going to a quiet, calm place really helps!

For me, I love getting outside for fresh air and taking deep breaths. After calming down and remembering my WHY the cravings tend to fade away.

I also learned it’s ok to sometimes have sweets or just have them in small amounts. Restricting anything 100% is very difficult and not healthy in the long run.

Tip #4 – Being consistent MOST OF THE TIME is key. 

Too many times I would start BIG. I would try an intense workout or diet but each time I would fail.

I highly recommend starting small, super small. Find something achievable that can be accomplished on a regular basis. 

The key is being consistent MOST OF THE TIME with small, achievable habits when first starting out.

When working on building muscle, I literally started with 5-10 minutes of floor workouts but would MAKE SURE to be consistent.

Tip #5 – Remember, you can always start fresh. 

It’s okay to slip up. Try to not be too hard on yourself, love yourself, and use positive self-talk.

Go back to the basics, and remember those small achievable goals you’ve set.

I’ve also learned the importance of NOT waiting for Monday to come around! Too many times I would put off my health goals until the next week.

By having small achievable goals, it is much easier to start again immediately – a fresh start is always available.

Tip #6 – Don’t require perfection, it’s not gonna happen. 

Getting out of the ‘I’ve completely failed’ mindset is difficult and can still be a challenge.

I’ve learned that we should not expect perfection from ourselves, but expect improvement.

This also goes back to not restricting anything 100%. This makes cravings more intense and binging more likely to happen. I know that whenever I would have tons of sweets or unhealthy foods it felt harder to change.

Remember to love yourself, and be forgiving if you make a mistake.

Finding joy in the journey is most important.

Tip #7 – Exercise takes many forms. 

Exercising doesn’t have to always be for a set amount of time or a specific exercise/program. Don’t get me wrong, exercise programs can be great and provide structure/accountability.

What I would like to emphasize is it’s important to be flexible.

I worked full time while going to school full time for a long while and would be hard on myself if I didn’t get in a certain exercise or amount of time in for exercise.

I believe it’s good to have structure and set aside time for exercise, but many times I would not have a lot of time so I would make sure to walk more that day or at least do something.

Try doing exercises that you enjoy and get creative! Going on an outing or playing sports with family or friends is just one example of an enjoyable form of exercise.

Tip #8 – When I say start small, I mean small! 

This tip goes hand in hand with tip #7 – exercise takes many forms. An example of starting really small is that I would go on a lot of outings with our kid or work on finishing our basement.

At first, I wouldn’t count these activities as exercise and felt I needed to run a mile to get a good workout, but I realized I actually was walking and moving a lot.

When first creating a new habit it’s important to start small and acknowledge your successes.

My body was in an ACTIVE STATE so I knew I was doing something good.

Try building small habits first.

Another example is how I didn’t start running, cycling, or biking every day to prepare for my triathlon. I would start with a 5-10 minute designated walk then slowly work my way into a jog as the weeks continued.

Tip #9 – Limit sugar, bad fats, processed foods, and fried foods.

It’s honestly best to cut out these types of foods or at least for the most part.

The truth is, they don’t provide you with the necessary nutrition.

I try my best to limit these types of foods and only have them as part of a cheat meal once a week. That way I didn’t worry about never having them again.

When you eat healthy foods instead of sugars, processed foods, etc. the calories don’t seem to matter very much and do not add up as fast as having a large hamburger with fries – save that for one cheat meal (NOT cheat day, not cheat week).

Tip #10 – Find alternatives – focus on what you CAN eat 

Focusing on alternatives was a great way to help me lose weight.

Finding alternatives is a great way to help train your mind to change.

Instead of saying “I can’t eat that”, I would try to tell myself “I can have THIS instead”.

This is a list I used while losing weight that really helped me realize there are many healthy and yummy alternatives out there.

Whole Foods
Protein Shakes
Zero sugar drinks
Grilled food
Water, water, water
No added sugar foods
My Alternatives

Try writing a list of your favorite alternatives and put it somewhere you can see it frequently to remind you that losing weight shouldn’t be that hard!

The list I provided is more generic but there are many specific foods (or drinks) for each one that I love.

Tip #11 – Beware of items labeled “low fat” 

You’ll see lots of items in the supermarket labeled low fat.

I found out that many times they can even be worse for you. For example, reduced-fat peanut butter lacks important healthy fats for your body. Instead, I use “no added sugar” peanut butter.

Any time I see something labeled as reduced or low fat I will make sure to do more research before risking my health.

Many times these types of items have MORE sugar than the regular product.

Tip #12 – Change your relationship with food

It’s important to have a positive outlook on ALL foods.

Find foods you love to eat, try new things!

One thing I’ve tried recently that I love is hot lemon & honey water. It’s delicious and refreshing.

Also remember it’s okay to eat unhealthy foods once in a while! Just work on putting more healthy foods into your body.

Extra Thoughts & Summary

Another weight-loss method I used was intermittent fasting which really accelerated my fat loss. For more details on what I’ve learned about intermittent fasting click HERE.

The quote below is simple yet powerful. It helps me remember failure only happens once we give up entirely.

“You never fail until you stop trying”

Albert Einstein

If you are on your own journey of losing weight and becoming healthier remember I’m rooting for you!

Be flexible with your exercise – including when, where, and what type of exercise you do.

Remember the importance of finding healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods.

Focus on getting the RIGHT and BEST calories into your diet. They will give you more natural energy and help you feel fuller longer.

Start with small, achievable habits and work on being consistent most of the time with those habits.

Above all else love yourself and try to focus on the positives. 🙂


The content on this blog includes our personal experiences and opinions in regard to pursuing a healthier lifestyle. We hope the information provides valuable insights to every reader but we are not health advisors. When making your health choices, we recommend researching multiple sources and/or receiving advice from a doctor or licensed health professional.